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60+ Remote Work From Home Companies Hiring NOW

60+ Remote Work From Home Companies Hiring NOW. If you’ve ever considered transitioning to a work from home career, now would be a perfect time. There are many remote work from home companies that are hiring right now. According to a 2018 survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics nearly 30% or 41.6 million American workers can or do work from home.

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Doing work virtually is definitely the new wave and the jobs are easier to find with more companies accommodating remote positions. This massive list of work from home companies hiring NOW will help you know where to start your search and you’ll also learn more tips to help you land the job.

60+ Remote Work From Home Companies Hiring NOW

Many industries can and have made the transition to working remotely. With the right schedule and mindset, employees can be just as productive at home as they are in the office. Many companies find that they can actually save money by hiring remote workers and still communicate effectively about important tasks during work hours.

If all you need is a computer and internet to do your job, it doesn’t always make sense why you should have to come into an office (that has to be leased) to do your job. Thanks to technology, team members can meet and discuss things via video chat or instant messenger platforms.

What You Need to Be Successful in a Work From Home Position

Working remotely is best for a certain type of person. You have to be organized, communicate well, and work efficiently. Being at home and avoiding a commute doesn’t always mean you’ll have more time to work on something. You’ll have to be a self-starter and take direction well while also eliminating distractions at home and being mindful of your time.

Work from home, also known as remote work or telecommuting, has come decreasingly popular over the once many times. This trend has been accelerated by the COVID- 19 epidemic, which forced numerous companies to borrow remote work as a way to maintain business durability and cover the health of workers.

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60 Remote Work From Home Companies Hiring NOW

As we look ahead to 2023, it’s likely that work from home will continue to be a current trend in the pool. Then are some implicit developments we may see in the world of remote work in 2023

Increased inflexibility With further companies espousing remote work, we may see a trend towards increased inflexibility in work arrangements. For illustration, companies may offer further part- time or freelance positions that allow workers to work on a design base or set their own hours.

  1. Virtual Inbound Customer Service (Equipment Provided) at Comcast
  2. Part-Time Call Center Representative $12-$16/hr at VRI
  3. 3rd Shift Remote Call Center $13-$16/hr at VRI
  4. Travel Representative $15/hr at TTEC
  5. Customer Service Representatives $16/hr at Teleperformance
  6. Beauty & Skin Care Customer Service Reps at VIPDesk Connect
  7. Remote Coding Auditor $35/hr at MedaSource

mongrel work models numerous companies may borrow a mongrel work model that combines remote work with in- office work. This model allows workers to work from home some days and come into the office on other days, offering the stylish of both worlds.

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  1. Customer Care ($5,000 Cash Up Front) at Prudential
  2. Remote Clinical Review Nurse at GuideWell
  3. Social Media Strategist at Minted
  4. Freelance Transcriptionist at Alphasights
  5. Sales Development Rep at TTEC
  6. Customer Support Specialist at

Advanced technology As remote work becomes more common, we can anticipate to see uninterrupted advancements in technology that make it easier for workers to work ever. This could include advancements in videotape conferencing software, design operation tools, and collaboration platforms.

  1. Retention Agent (Sales) Up To $60k/yr) at  S&P Data
  2. Customer Escalation Specialist at Resident
  3. Roadside Support Specialist at Tesla
  4. Healthcare Call Center Specialist at Talent Bridge
  5. Claims Processor $16/hr at Teleperformance
  6. Seasonal Customer Service Reps at ChatBooks
  7. Gaming Support Specialists $14/hr at Sutherland

Focus on hand heartiness As remote work becomes more current, companies may place a lesser emphasis on hand heartiness to help combat insulation and collapse. This could include offering internal health coffers, virtual platoon erecting conditioning, and heartiness programs.

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  1. Chat Agents (Select States) $10/hr at The Chat Shop
  2. Part-Time Live Verification Agents $16/hr – Uhaul
  3. EXTRA CASH! Get Paid Cash To Take 2-Minute Surveys at PaidViewpoint
  4. Appointment Setters $12/hr at Brighten Communications
  5. Customer Care Reps $14/hr at Varsity Tutors
  6. Transcriptionists at Transcription Express
  7. Customer Service Reps (Part-Time) at Answer First
  8. Customer Success Associate – Pearson
  9. Transcriptionists  (Entry-Level, $10/hr) – Literably

Remote work programs With further workers working ever, we may see a shift towards further standardized remote work programs. This could include guidelines for outfit and technology conditions, communication protocols, and prospects around work hours and vacuity.

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  1. Take Surveys from Your Smartphone – Toluna
  2. Customer Champion Team – Zapier
  3. Remote Customer Support – Modsquad
  4. Online Tutors $7500/month – StudyPool
  5. Customer Service Rep – VIPDesk Connect
  6. Get paid to watch videos, take surveys, shop, and play games

Of course, there are also implicit challenges associated with remote work. For illustration, remote workers may struggle with passions of insulation or lack of work- life balance. also, companies may need to invest in new structure and technologies to support remote work, which can be expensive.

  1. Medical Coders –  eCatalyst
  2. Insurance Transcribers – VIQ Solutions
  3. Remote Executive Assistant – Boldly
  4. Customer Service Rep $14/hr – Alorica
  5. Transcribers – AccuTran Global

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  1. Virtual Assistant – Assistant Match
  2. Web Developer, Javascript Engineer, Happiness Engineer, Marketing  – Automattic
  3. Customer Service – Concentrix
  4. Ruby on Rails Developer, Customer Support and Admin Support, and Front-end Engineer – Hubstaff
  5. Customer Service – LiveOps
  6. Customer Service – Infocision
  7. Transcribers – Casting Words
  8. Social Media Agent – Liveworld
  9. Transcriptionists  (Entry-Level, $10/hr) – Literably

Overall, it’s likely that work from home will continue to be a current trend in the pool in 2023 and further. As companies and workers continue to acclimatize to this new way of working, we can anticipate to see continued elaboration and refinement in remote work programs, technology, and stylish practices.

  1. Take Surveys from Your Smartphone – Toluna
  2. Customer Champion Team – Zapier
  3. Remote Customer Support – Modsquad
  4. Online Tutors $7500/month – StudyPool
  5. Medical Transcriptionists – Phoenix Medcom, Inc.
  6. Transcribers – Babbletype
  7. Freelance Developers, Designers, & Finance Experts – Toptal
  8. Virtual Assistant – Time Etc.
  9. Tutors –  VIPKid
  10. Freelance Translators, Sales – World Lingo
  11. Transcribers – Go Transcript

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Popular Work From Home Niches for Remote Jobs

Not all work from home jobs are created equal. There are some jobs where the demand is higher along with the pay. Be sure to carefully review the job opportunity before applying. Do this for two main reasons.

  1. Unfortunately, there are plenty of work from home scams out there.
  2. You want to make sure you qualify for the position and can perform the role well.

There are some key red flags to watch out for like a company offering to hire you without an application or being asked to pay money in order to start working.

  1. Moderators – Live World
  2. Transcriptionist – Daily Transcription
  3. Virtual Assistants – Fancy Hands
  4. Tutors – BrainFuse
  5. Online Test Scorers – Educational Testing Service (ETS)
  6. Writers – A List Apart

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If it sounds too good to be true then it very well may be a scam. If you happen to be the one contacted for the position without applying, do your research to make sure that it is the real deal. Luckily, the jobs on this list are carefully reviewed and vetted.

  1. Freelance Editors/Proofreaders – Scribendi
  2. Developers – Clevertech
  3. Transcribers – TranscribeMe!
  4. Science Writer – Science Buzz
  5. Freelance Writers – LitCharts

Also, be sure to read through your resume before applying. If you haven’t applied for a new job lately, you may need to make some changes and adapt your resume to the role you’re applying for. Sending a cover letter never hurts either and can be a great way to help you stand out from the competition.

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