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9 Most Common Remote Jobs – And How Much They Pay

9 Most Common Remote Jobs – And How Much They Pay. If you’ve ever considered working from home, one of your first questions is probably about pay.

A new list from shows some common remote jobs that might be a match for your skills and experience. The list also includes the average annual salaries as reported by

9 Most Common Remote Jobs – And How Much They Pay

Take a look at the job titles listed below to see if the remote job market has anything that piques your interest.

Here Are the Top 9 Most Common Remote Jobs

Job Title Average Annual Salary
Accountant $51,208
Engineer $85,670
Instructor $45,938
Writer $49,804
Consultant $87,476
Program Manager $74,230
Customer Service Representative $38,807
Business Development Manager $73,000
Account Manager $54,371

See the full list of jobs at

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