Next Career Move

Doing Your Next Career Move? These Companies Are All Hiring

Doing Your Next Career Move? These Companies Are All Hiring

Since the global pandemic started, you may have been inspired to think about your current job—and whether or not it’s time to make a change. Perhaps you want to explore a new career path, prefer remote work to returning to an office, or are seriously considering relocating. Whatever is driving your job search these days, we want to help you find the perfect role, starting with these amazing companies that are hiring right now.

From project manager at Opendoor to cybersecurity analyst at Chick-fil-A, there are a variety of positions available in a variety of industries. The best part? Our profiles give you insight into what it’s like to work at each company before you even apply. For example, you can hear directly from AT&T employees about opportunities to rotate through many different aspects of the business. Or learn more about Enterprise Holdings’ successful management training program.

This is just the beginning of what you might find on this list of 27 incredible employers. Have your resume ready and check out their job openings now.

Doing Your Next Career Move? These Companies Are All Hiring


Opendoor company profile

The Opendoor team creates a simple and stress-free way to buy, sell, and trade in homes. Headquartered in San Francisco and operating in 20+ markets across the United States, the company offers job applicants incredible opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed in all areas of the tech and real estate industry.


Enterprise Holdings
Enterprise Holdings company profile

Who is Enterprise Holdings? For one, they’re a leader in the transportation service industry. With annual revenues of $24.1 billion, their family of brands, including Alamo Rent A Car, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and National Car Rental, has over 100,000 dedicated team members doing business in more than 90 countries. That kind of success leads to amazing career opportunities.

But that’s not all. By combining drive, commitment, and talent with an empowering culture and strong focus on people and shared success, Enterprise provides everything needed to move forward and realize ambitions—wherever they may lead.


Chick-fil-A company profile

Chick-fil-A is a nationwide chain of quick-service restaurants known for a particularly delicious chicken sandwich. Since its founding in 1967, the company leads with its guiding principle of serving others. Today, Chick-fil-A is focused on continuing to innovate using the latest in technology to better serve and nourish communities in which its more than 2,600 restaurants operate.

The company believes that work should be full of life, that employees should be able to connect the dots between what they do and why it matters—which is why Chick-fil-A takes great care of its employees while offering a warm, familial workplace environment.


Storyblocks company profile

Storyblocks wants more stories being told around the world. To achieve this, the company provides low-cost access to high-quality content so anyone can be a creator and share the story they want to tell. And Storyblocks is a great place to build a career, too.

Employees receive trust and autonomy from day one, and leadership is constantly looking for ways to build a healthy work culture in which team members feel safe taking risks. There’s a comprehensive onboarding mentorship program, company-sponsored social events, and opportunities for coworkers to get to know each other one-on-one (often over donuts).


AT&T company profile

AT&T is a world leader in communications and technology, redefining how we engage with media. AT&T continues inventing new ways to deliver entertainment that drives emotional connections and unites people. It’s AT&T’s mission to bring tomorrow’s technology, today. 5G, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and more will play a role in making that experience possible. What ties it all together? Their people. With locations across the U.S. and around the globe, check out what’s available in your area.


DoSomething company profile fights on behalf of its 5 million members every single day. People who work here believe all young people have the agency to create social change and are passionate about providing youth with the guidance and tools needed to transform the world. With a mission like that, doesn’t hire just anybody. This is a place where people work “hella hard,” move super fast, and are excited to come to such a dynamic office every day. Everyone on staff has their own reason for coming to work here.


McDonald’s company profile

McDonald’s is a people business just as much as it is a restaurant business. They strive to be the most inclusive brand in the world by building diverse teams who create delicious, feel-good moments that are easy for everyone to enjoy. Joining McDonald’s means thinking big on a daily basis and preparing for a career that can have impact around the world.

Their new, state-of-the-art headquarters in downtown Chicago is set up to be a global hub that fosters innovation: Take a class at Hamburger University, sample future menu items in their Test Kitchen, and use the latest technology to stay in touch with the global team. With monthly organized events, massive outdoor spaces, an 8000-square-foot gym, and an on-site McDonald’s serving international favorites, their office helps them connect with each other like never before.


CapTech company profile

CapTech is a national technology and management consulting firm that partners with some of the world’s most successful companies to design, develop, and manage technical and digital solutions that delight customers, drive insights, and meet strategic objectives. CapTech has a passion for driving innovation and growth for its clients. Its collaborative approach delivers custom solutions that maximize the impact of client investments.


Itemize company profile

Itemize is an award-winning fintech company that offers expense management and accounts payable solutions for businesses. The company harnesses proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate processes for a range of leading clients in financial services, including credit card companies, accounting software providers, expense management companies, and accounts payable platforms providers.

Everyone working at Itemize has a passion for cutting-edge innovation. Whether it’s by developing AI technologies, manipulating millions of data rows, or creating efficient processing pipelines, employees feel that they are creating a new and more advanced product that customers will appreciate.


Kenna Security
Kenna Security company profile

Founded in 2010, Kenna Security delivers a SaaS cybersecurity platform that helps enterprises quantify and manage cyber risk. The Kenna Security Platform uses machine learning algorithms to correlate global threats with customer’s internal applications and technologies to measure their true risk, predict attacks, and prioritize remediation. Kenna Security has clients across all verticals and sizes—from the financial industry, to airline carriers, to retail, and more—and helping those clients reduce their risk is a rewarding experience for employees.


Exact Sciences
Exact Sciences company profile

From earlier cancer detection to treatment guidance and monitoring, Exact Sciences is working to enable patients and providers to take action sooner—when it matters most. Through products like Cologuard®, a screening option that can be used at home, Exact Sciences strives to become a leader in early detection to help change lives.

The most effective and revolutionary solutions start with a focus on people, which is why the company fosters a highly collaborative environment. A spirit of empathy and determination fuels employees’ drive to create and deliver solutions rooted in the needs of patients, providers, and families. Managers provide their reports with the guidance needed to advance in their careers and the field, and celebrating wins regularly ensures that good work is recognized.


Bombas company profile

Bombas is a comfort-focused apparel brand with a mission to help those in need. For every item purchased, a specially designed item is donated to a member of the homeless community. The company launched in 2013 after the founders learned that socks are the most requested clothing item at homeless shelters.

With millions of pairs sold and donated, Bombas continues to innovate with new apparel while creating a positive impact. Inquisitive people who love to learn, understand the importance of giving, and embrace successes and failures are sure to find a place within the Bombas Hive. Bombas fosters a people-first approach—every decision is influenced by employees to ensure their personal and professional growth, fulfillment, and happiness.


Baker Tilly
Baker Tilly company profile

Baker Tilly is a nationally recognized full-service accounting and advisory firm with offices throughout the Midwest and East Coast. Founded in 1931, the firm is dedicated to understanding client goals and providing effective solutions. Going beyond merely preparing taxes and conducting audits, the firm seeks to serve as a valued business advisor and be the first place clients call with questions. As an independent firm within a larger network, Baker Tilly is also able to offer global insights to its clients.


Yieldmo company profile

Yieldmo is built on the idea that individual ad experiences matter. To that end, the company works hard to create powerful encounters by understanding how humans interact. Employees are encouraged to bring big, bold ideas to the table and stretch their imaginations in order to unlock those insights and behaviors.

That emphasis on cultivating meaningful moments extends in-house, throughout the employee experience, whether Yieldmates are getting started on new initiatives for the first time or celebrating their company anniversary. As an entrepreneurial company, Yieldmo gives each of its employees the opportunity to have a major impact in the business, allowing everyone to feel a sense of ownership and purpose in their work.


Dropbox company profile

Dropbox is the world’s first smart workspace that helps people and teams focus on the work that matters. With more than 600 million registered users across 180 countries, the company is on a mission to design a more enlightened way of working. Dropbox is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, and has 12 offices around the world.


Teampay company profile

Empathy and self-discipline are key values at Teampay and those qualities set the tone for employees’ interactions with customers, business partners, and other team members. The company fosters an environment that celebrates curiosity and grit, and encourages individuals to embrace the impact they have. People who work at Teampay are challenged and supported by their colleagues; they work hard—and have fun doing it.


Quantcast company profile

Online audiences are far from homogeneous, and Quantcast helps its clients take advantage of that through innovative technologies and large-scale data analyses. Started in 2006, Quantcast’s mission is to build the audience platform to radically simplify advertising on the open internet. With Quantcast’s tools, clients can effectively monetize their digital media marketing spaces and tailor advertising to appeal to the preferences of individual users.


Splice company profile

Splice is building the next generation of music technology tools. They’re a digital music creation platform that allows artists to sell their sounds for royalty-free use, share their work and collaborate with their peers, and back up their projects in the cloud with unlimited free storage. The people at Splice want to democratize music production so artists of all types and skill levels—from beginners to chart-toppers—can easily join in from around the world.


Vim company profile

Vim is an innovative healthcare technology startup where employees are empowered to tackle complex problems with creative solutions aimed at driving positive change across the U.S. healthcare system. The team is driven by the shared goal of making quality care available and affordable for everyone.

Vim does this by building a value-driven marketplace that connects patients with the best providers for their needs. The company guides patients to their network through online booking and empowers providers to make the best decisions for their patients at the time of a referral. Vim hires dedicated, self-starters who have a passion for their purpose.


Open Systems Healthcare
Open Systems Healthcare company profile

In 2011, Open Systems Healthcare opened its doors to do things the right way—a mission inspired by the founding team’s experience with lackluster industry standards. Now, as a home health care staffing provider that doesn’t settle for subpar, Open Systems enables people to receive in-home care, skilled nursing, and behavioral services that restore independence and fill the gaps between medical nurses and family caregivers.


Planet company profile

People can’t fix what they can’t see.
Planet believes in using space to help life on Earth. The company designs, builds, and operates a constellation of earth-imaging satellites to deliver an unprecedented dataset of empirical geospatial information via their revolutionary cloud-based platform. Customers and users across the globe use Planet’s data to power research, deliver insights, and solve the world’s toughest obstacles. Why work at Planet?

Planet’s team is a truly inspiring mix of experts from a variety of domains, as they control every component of hardware design, satellite manufacturing, image processing, and software engineering. Planet has a people-centric approach toward culture and community and they strive to put their team members first and foster careers in space technology.


Reverb company profile

Reverb has built a community that people from all walks of life turn to for income, inspiration, and the perfect musical instrument. The company has experts in technology, customer engagement, marketing, and more, who come to work each day with one goal: To make the world more musical by making it easy to buy and sell music gear.

Reverb has grown a lot since it launched above a drum shop in 2013, but the team is far from finished. The company is looking for team members who are excited about making a positive impact on the musical instrument industry—and growing a career along the way.


Integral Ad Science
Integral Ad Science company profile

Integral Ad Science is a global technology organization that partners with advertisers and publishers to protect investments, capture consumer attention, and drive business impact. With 18 offices across 13 countries, the company is able to offer employees an incredibly diverse range of projects and growth possibilities to pursue, as well as many international travel opportunities. Integral Ad Science is currently accepting applications in all offices.


NextCapital company profile

Since its launch in 2014, NextCapital has maintained its place as a leading provider of financial accounts services and investor portfolio management solutions. NextCapital—the first company to build an automated 401(k) finance system—places each client’s financial future in their own hands by sharing personalized expert advice and software services purpose-built for securing satisfying retirement plans and investments.


Earnest Research
Earnest Research company profile

Earnest Research is a data innovation company driven to change the way professionals understand consumer and business behavior. Working with world-class data partners, the organization transforms raw data into a source for business and investment professionals to ask better questions so they can make better decisions. Earnest believes that in the right hands, data has the power to change the way people work.


PURE Insurance
PURE Insurance company profile

PURE Insurance is a purpose-driven and member-obsessed organization focused on growth. PURE provides comprehensive property and casualty insurance exclusively in the high-net-worth market and serves over 88,000 members nationally.

The company aims to make its membership smarter, safer, and more resilient so they can pursue their passions with greater confidence. Since its inception in 2006, PURE has experienced tremendous growth and has expanded to 10 office locations with more than 800 employees nationwide. Deeply committed to providing employees with a career that is part of a fulfilling life, PURE invests in developing its employees both professionally and personally, and recognizes and rewards success.


Mental Health Center of Denver
Mental Health Center of Denver company profile

Named a top workplace by the Denver Post eight years in a row, the Mental Health Center of Denver firmly believes that people can, and do, recover from mental illness—and hires people dedicated to working toward that goal. The organization provides services that enable adults to live more fulfilling and productive lives, help children become more resilient, and ensure that families are happier and healthier.