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5 Tips For Buying An Electric Bike: Ultimate Guide

Tips for buying an electric bike. How to buy an electric bike and not make a mistake

An electric bike is not cheap, and in the case of a high-quality model from a well-known manufacturer, it’s a very expensive purchase, comparable in price to a scooter, motorcycle, and even a used car.

Therefore, before you give a hundred or several hundred thousand rubles to the cashier, it is advisable to think carefully, or rather think through a lot of nuances, so that the purchase will please you and give pleasure, but not disappoint in the end.

There are many models on the Russian market of electric bikes – there are plenty to choose from, but it’s even easier to get confused in all this variety. On the one hand, muscle-electric transport is a great opportunity to keep fit without undue stress, not to poison the environment with excessive harmful emissions, and at the same time not to lag behind full-fledged motorized vehicles in speed, at least in urban conditions.

In general, if you want to buy an electric bike, here are five important things that you should pay attention to.

Tip 1: find the right type of electric bike

An electric bike for traveling around the city, or an E-city bike in a foreign manner (you must also know the English names so as not to get confused since this type of transport is entirely foreign, it also has foreign names. There are a lot of nuances in them).

As the name implies, this is an urban e-bike and is intended primarily for daily short trips around the city. For example, to move to a place of work or to travel to the store.

Here, the main attention is usually paid to comfort, that is, a comfortable position in the saddle and various extras. equipment such as:

removable battery;

energy-intensive suspension;

footboard and wings finally.

Trekking e-bike. This category is versatile and therefore is one of the most popular subclasses of electric bicycles. They balance the city bike, the race bike, and the mountain bike. Models are suitable for long trips outside the city, as well as for everyday use.

As a rule, they have slightly more powerful engines, and the frames are more resistant to increased loads than conventional bicycles.

Mountain electric bike (cross-country, enduro, freeride, and even downhill). The most expensive type of electric bikes. You can find models for 300, 400, 500, and more than a thousand rubles.

Its common distinguishing features are:

powerful motor;

wide tires;

high-quality suspension, capable of absorbing serious shock energy depending on the subspecies. In the end, this type of bike is designed to be used on forest paths and fully in the mountains. On these two-gimbal, especially if it is a freeride or enduro bike, you can even jump on the jumps and move up / down the steps without fear to break its base.

In addition to two-suspensions (bicycles with a front shock absorber and a rear shock absorber), they also make a hardtail under the electric train (they only have a shock absorber in the front fork).

Thus, if you will spend most of the time in pokatushki in the wild, in the forest, the field – in general, on the ground, then the choice of two-suspension is more than justified.

Folding bike E-bike. Folding bikes are especially convenient for carrying them in the trunk or in public transport. A folding electric bike is most useful for cyclists who often change modes of transport and want to take the bike with them on the subway or put it, for example, in the trunk of a car.

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The type has a particularly compact format. Convenient, but not always aesthetically pleasing, if you like classic two-wheeled transport.

Cargo electric bike (tricycle/trike, however, there are also two-wheeled models). The advantage of a cargo bike is a large trunk, usually at the rear, and a basket mounts under the front. Also, such models can be equipped with child seats.

Some freight bikes can carry loads weighing up to 200 kg.

Racing bike. A racing bike with a motor  at first glance does not make much sense, since here the main focus is on sporting events. That is, the athlete for this and leaves to get a load. But here there are some positive nuances. An electric motor is a good  help to keep your heart rate in the optimal range on difficult routes. This allows the cyclist to better balance his strength.

In one of the subclasses, recently emerged “gravel models” can be distinguished. Gravel bike is a kind of off-road racing motorcycle, but only light and maneuverable.

E-Crossbike. The Crossbike is primarily designed for long bike tours. Accordingly, it has a powerful motor, a sturdy frame, a voluminous battery and a good suspension. Universal car for moving both on a country road or a dirt road, and on the highway.

Powerful models: speeds up to 45 km / h and more. Sold far from everywhere. They have a number of limitations due to the possibility of a high degree of injury. The same category of “dangerous” electric vehicles also includes scooters and other types of individual electric vehicles.

Tip 2: consider the location of the motor

As in the case of a car, on the “e-bike” the position of the motor may be different:

front (motor-wheel);

in the middle;

from behind.

The average engine location (mounted on the frame or on the carriage) is usually the most practical option, since it does not adversely affect handling due to the uniform distribution of weight. In addition, such electric motors in conjunction with a bicycle are characterized by a high degree of wear resistance.

Rear-engined engines transmit power directly to the rear wheel and are particularly suitable for bikers who prefer a sporty driving style.

Front motor wheels. First of all, it is inexpensive. That is why they can usually be found on budget models. However, this option has many disadvantages:

1. Shifts the center of gravity of the bicycle forward, which is quite unusual for a bicycle, and, therefore, can have a negative effect on taxiing;

2. Front-wheel drive on a bicycle may cause it to fall on a slippery or wet surface;

3. The wear of the suspension fork increases;

4. Failure to plug may occur.

Tip 3: choose the right battery

The battery is also an important point that you should pay attention to when buying an electric bike. Here you need to ask yourself two questions: should the battery be removable or built-in? how many kilometers should there be enough charge at a given electric motor power?

The removable battery is convenient in that it can be connected to charge anywhere. On the other hand, a non-removable battery cannot be stolen (meaning separately from the bicycle).

Kilometer is mainly dependent on the capacity of the battery. You must consider that it decreases throughout the life of the bike, as in any other electrical technique. Most batteries for an electric bike have a capacity of about 400-500 watts-hours.

Moreover, the larger the range, the higher the weight of the bike.

Tip 4: a test drive is a prerequisite for buying an electric bike

An electric bike is an expensive purchase, so it’s important to pass a test drive before purchasing. This is the only practical way to determine if the bike is right for you or not.

Having decided on the direction of use, the dimension (if this parameter is presented in stores), reading about the pros and cons of a particular model, variations of the electric bike and consulting with knowledgeable people on the forums (we advise you to do this without fail), go through the last step in acquiring an electric bike – real check-in. Most likely, the seller will require guarantees in the form of collateral, but, believe me, it’s worth it.

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What to pay attention to? First of all, on the convenience of landing, handling, electric motor controls, or operation as a whole. The general meaning is as follows: if you are uncomfortable, uncomfortable, most likely it is better to refuse to buy a specific model and continue the search.

Tip 5: look at weight, brakes, and transmission

If you want to conveniently carry or transport your bike, the weight will naturally play an important role here. This is especially true for sports electric bikes. Of course, there are many models made of light alloys that will not weigh more than two pounds (30 kg), even if it is a two-suspension. But the price of such beauties is also very “beautiful”. For it you can buy a Lada West in a complete set above average.

Therefore, try to find a compromise proposal and pick up an electric bike for reasonable money, but with high-quality components without wild overpayments.

The second important element will be the battery. The larger it is, the further you will leave, but the harder it will be to get to the house if the battery runs out completely. Not only will you get tired, but also a battery that has run down “to zero” will begin to degrade, which will not add health to it.

The total weight of most electric bikes can reach 120 kg (with a cyclist or a load on it)

Braking. The third important part to which you need to pay close attention. On an electric bike, you can achieve significantly higher speeds than with a regular bike. Accordingly, the brakes should be more powerful and reliable. Therefore, when buying, make sure that it is equipped with hydraulic rim or disc brakes.

Transmission. Customers can choose between a gear shift and a planetary hub. Depending on the location of the motor, an excess load may fall on the transmission. For example, carriage electric motors (placed in the area of ​​the bicycle carriage – this is where the pedal rods are located) lead to increased wear of the bicycle transmission during operation of the electric motor.