Scholarships in Belgium

Fully Funded Scholarships in Belgium for the academic year 2021-2022

Fully Funded Scholarships in Belgium for the academic year 2021-2022. Are you a national of a developing country? Do you already hold a master’s degree?

Do you have professional experience and are you looking to further develop your skills in a development-related topic?

Fully Funded Scholarships in Belgium for the academic year 2021-2022

Scholarships for masters and training courses offer you the chance to pursue a one-year specialised master’s degree programme or a 4-to-6-month advanced training course within a higher education institution of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Belgium.

/ Scholarships 2020-2021

The call for applications for the academic year 2020-2021 is now closed.

The next call for the academic year 2021-2022 will be launched current September 2020. Scholarships in Belgium

Study in Belgium and help your country reap the benefits!

Which trainings are eligible?

Are you interested in obtaining more information about the training courses available? Have a look at the list of master’s programs and training courses financed by ARES.

01/ Specialized master’s programs for 2021-2022
  • Master de spécialisation en développement, environnement et sociétés
  • Master de spécialisation en droits de l’homme
  • Master de spécialisation en gestion des ressources aquatiques et aquaculture
  • Master de spécialisation en gestion des risques et des catastrophes
  • Master de spécialisation en gestion intégrée des risques sanitaires dans les pays du Sud (GIRISS)
  • Specialized Master in International and development Economics
  • Master de spécialisation en médecine transfusionnelle
  • Specialized Master in Microfinance
  • Master de spécialisation en production intégrée et préservation des ressources naturelles en milieu urbain et péri-urbain
  • Specialized Master in Public Health Methodology
  • Master de spécialisation en sciences de la santé publique – méthodes de recherche appliquées à la santé globale
  • Master de spécialisation en sciences et gestion de l’environnement dans les pays en développement
  • Master de spécialisation en transport et logistique

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02/ Training courses for 2021
  • Stage en contrôle et assurance qualité des médicaments et produits de santé
  • Stage en système d’information géographique
  • Stage méthodologique en appui à l’innovation en agriculture familiale

What financial support?

Each year, ARES grants an average of 150 scholarships as part of the master’s program, and 70 grants for training courses, to citizens from countries in the global South.

 Amounts for a master’s scholarship
Scholarships in Belgium

International travel costs Receipts must be provided Economy-class travel on an IATA-approved airline, with a maximum of one round-trip ticket per academic year.
Living allowance Flat rate 1150 €/month for a duration of 12 months.
Indirect mission fees Flat rate 150 €. This amount is given once per stay, upon arrival of the grantee.
Arrival allowance, tuition and return fees Flat rate 700 €. This amount is given once per stay, upon arrival of the grantee.
Registration fees   At the current rate for DGD grantees.
Insurance fees   Directly paid by ARES.
Travel costs that are part of inter-university training Receipts must be provided Reimbursed based on real costs incurred, with receipts provided.

Scholarships in Belgium

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 How do I submit my application?

Would you like to submit an application form and receive a grant? Are you unsure about your eligibility?

As part of the selection process among admissible applications, ARES considers the following criteria:

Academic curriculum

Judgement of the academic quality of applicants will be based on diplomas and lists of coursework completed, with results, teaching activities, or research and publications. Scholarships in Belgium

For coursework, priority will be given to applicants who have not yet completed a post-graduate degree, except under exceptional circumstances duly justified in the application file.

Receipt of previous grants

Priority will be given to applications who have not yet received a Belgian grant. Scholarships in Belgium

Professional experience

ARES places a priority on giving grants to applicants who, after their university studies, have been able to work in a professional field related to issues raised by development. The social impact of professional experience is considered an important element in evaluating an applicant’s file.

Part of a partner institution

Applicants who work within an institution that is a partner of ARES, whether as part of institutional support, or a development research project or global South training program, are automatically given priority, in case of all other selection criteria being equal. Scholarships in Belgium

The applicant’s commitment to development initiatives

Particular attention will be given to application files from candidates who, in addition to their academic qualities, have proven their commitment to the development field. Commitment is illustrated by having worked with the least fortunate members of society and having engaged with them to find efficient ways to defend and promote their interests.

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Nationality criteria

ARES wishes to diversify the geographic origin of its grantees. It wants, for the totality of its international coursework and training courses as part of the “Training, Research & Outreach for Development” program, 50% of total trainees to be applicants from Sub-Saharan Africa. Scholarships in Belgium

Gender equality

ARES is particularly interested in encouraging the participation of women in the international coursework and training courses that are part of the “Training, Research & Outreach for Development” program. Scholarships in Belgium

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The prospects for future reintegration

A maximum number of guarantees is required concerning the applicant’s return to their country of origin or to another developing country, as well as their reintegration into a field that will allow them to make use of the training acquired in Belgium in a development context (e.g. a work contract or a formal pledge) and to generate a multiplier effect that benefits their country of origin.

ARES reserves the right, through the selection process, to evaluate the compliance of files with selection criteria, whether individually or compared with other application files.

Are you interested in receiving a study grant? The call for applications for the academic year 2020-2021 is now closed, but you can consult documents for information purposes!

Download the 2020-2021 form in English (15 pages – 258 KB) (for specialized master’s degrees in English).

Vous consultez actuellement cette page en anglais. Pour consulter la version en français, cliquez ici ou sur le lien “FR” du sélecteur de langue en haut de page. Scholarships in Belgium

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