Get an Internship at Microsoft

How to Get an Internship at Microsoft in 2023: USA, UK, INDIA

Get an Internship at Microsoft: Exploring the Possibilities: Microsoft’s Internship Opportunities

The prospect of landing an internship with tech giant Microsoft may initially appear daunting, but if you possess the right skill set and a passion for technology, you might just find yourself on the path to one of Microsoft’s many exciting internships.

Your role as an intern at Microsoft goes beyond the typical internship experience. You’ll have the chance to engage in real-world projects, forge meaningful connections, and become a part of the vibrant company culture that distinguishes Microsoft as an industry leader.

Get an Internship at Microsoft: Exploring the Possibilities

So, if this aligns with your aspirations, read on to discover what Microsoft’s internship program entails and the steps to kickstart your journey.

1. Grasping the Essentials

Microsoft extends a wide array of internships catering to high school and university students. These opportunities span roles such as software engineers, project managers, and marketers (details to follow).

(Expression of Interest) Senior Manager – Strategy& Malaysia
Administrator – Global Mobility Services Malaysia
Associate – Deals Strategy Malaysia
Associate – Finance Malaysia

It’s crucial to note that while you gain invaluable industry exposure, you’ll also enjoy a competitive salary, relocation benefits, and various perks. However, to be eligible for this enticing package, you must be a full-time student majoring in a relevant field or enrolled in a PhD program, with plans to return to your educational institution upon completing your internship.

2. Discover Your Ideal Role

Embarking on your internship journey begins with exploring the available roles and identifying the one that aligns best with your skills and interests. Fortunately, Microsoft offers a user-friendly careers website listing all available internship positions, along with detailed job descriptions.

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High School Internships:

For high school students in western Washington, Microsoft offers a paid 10-week internship program. This program allows students to shadow full-time software engineers. Additionally, there’s a Minecraft programming and digital art camp, along with a three-day summer internship designed to introduce students to the field of software engineering. These internships typically run from June to August and require applicants to be high school students aged 16 or older.

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University Internships:

University-level internships at Microsoft vary based on your location and level of education. Generally, Microsoft provides internships in diverse areas, including:

  • Engineering (software engineer, program manager, product planning, programmer writer, technical writer, services engineering)
  • Hardware engineering
  • UX design
  • Supply chain
  • Data and applied science
  • IT operations
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Sales and customer service
  • Services (consultant, support engineer, technical account manager, technical evangelist).

PhD Internships:

Microsoft also offers internships throughout the year for PhD students interested in exploring roles within the product team or Microsoft Research (MSR). These internships typically span 12 weeks, providing graduates with a genuine opportunity to immerse themselves in Microsoft’s research culture.

3. Craft Your CV

Your curriculum vitae (CV) plays a pivotal role in the application process; it serves as the initial glimpse hiring managers have of your skills, qualities, and personality. Therefore, it’s imperative to make your CV stand out.

Actuarial, Property and Casualty, Associate Canada
Administrative Services, Administrative Assistant Canada
Advisory, Acceleration Centre, Cyber Security Analyst (Remote) Canada
AML Programme Compliance, Senior Manager Canada

Tailor your CV to the specific role you’re applying for and ensure the strategic inclusion of keywords. You can either use Microsoft’s CV builder to input your information or submit your personalized version. Opting for the latter can infuse your application with a personal touch.

4. Submit Your Application

As previously mentioned, the initial step is to submit your CV along with references from previous employers or university professors. If possible, having a Microsoft insider who can champion your CV is advantageous. If you don’t have one, consider networking your way through by attending university fairs or connecting with Microsoft recruiters on LinkedIn. Internship opportunities are posted at various times during the year, so it’s essential to regularly check Microsoft’s internship listings to discover relevant roles in your chosen field.

5. Excel in the Interview

The interview process at Microsoft varies based on the role and location. However, it generally involves a sequence of questions, tasks, and stages, often following this pattern:

Screening Interview:

Once you’ve successfully cleared any online assessment tests, you’ll typically undergo a telephone interview with a Microsoft recruiter. During this interview, expect a range of questions aimed at gaining insight into your interests, work methods, and cultural fit within the company. Preparation is key; spend time refining your interview skills to exude confidence. This interview typically lasts about 30 minutes and covers topics such as your university coursework, technical knowledge, work experiences, and skillset.

Actuarial, Property and Casualty, Associate Canada
Administrative Services, Administrative Assistant Canada
Advisory, Acceleration Centre, Cyber Security Analyst (Remote) Canada
AML Programme Compliance, Senior Manager Canada

Second Interview:

Impressing your potential manager during the screening interview may lead to an invitation to Microsoft headquarters for a series of interviews with different managers. This phase could involve separate interviews with up to four individuals and centers on technical challenges and problem-solving tasks. Be sure to prepare a portfolio showcasing your previous work and its relevance to your prospective role as an intern. Don’t forget to have insightful questions of your own prepared!

6. Await the Offer

After navigating the rigorous interview rounds, it’s time to take a deep breath and wait for the verdict. You can typically expect to receive a response within two weeks. As an intern, you’ll be assigned a mentor and provided with information about accommodation, compensation, and your start date. Once you commence your internship program, you’ll be fully integrated into the team, participating in daily meetings and having opportunities to pitch ideas and contribute to projects or designs.

While securing a Microsoft internship can be challenging, the interview experience alone is immensely valuable for your job search journey. It helps you refine your responses and builds the confidence you need to tackle future challenges. With the right attitude and dedication, the seemingly unattainable can become achievable—provided you’ve done your homework and presented yourself in the best possible light. The rest, as they say, is up to fate!

Have you ever applied for a Microsoft internship? If so, share your experiences with fellow students and graduates in the comments below.

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