How to Check CPU Temperature on Windows 10

How to Check CPU Temperature on Windows 10

How to Check CPU Temperature: Microsoft is consistently rising the task manager, turning it into a whole watching tool, and within the might update of Windows ten, two new options were added right away. How to Check CPU Temperature

Secondly, currently, you’ll monitor the temperature of the video card, and given the very fact that the task manager may be displayed on prime of all windows in a very compact kind, it turns into a convenient overlay in games

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How to Check CPU Temperature

To envision the GPU temperature within the task manager, you want to have a distinct graphics card (this feature doesn’t work on Intel integrated graphics card) with a driver that supports WDDM two.4 or higher.

Checking the latter is straightforward — click on the Windows buttons and enters the word “dxdiag”, then open this utility. Next, you wish to travel to the “Screen” tab, wherever the version of WDDM is going to be indicated:


If the WDDM version is below two.4, then transfer the newest driver for your video card from the official NVIDIA or AMD website — the mandatory version is supported within the drivers just about from might 2018.

After that, attend the task manager and attend the “Performance” tab, wherever the temperature is going to be displayed next to every of the put-in video cards. How to Check CPU Temperature