How to stay calm in 5 annoying work situations

How to stay calm in 5 annoying work situations

How to stay calm? Everyone had to deal with situations at work that simply pissed him off – from breaking deadlines to annoying colleagues who interfere with doing business. At such moments, I want to let off steam, but it’s better not to do this, but to treat the problem soberly. Here’s how to behave in the following five typical situations that rage at work.

Someone has appropriated your merits

You worked hard on some projects or came up with a great idea, and your boss or colleague appropriated them for yourself. Do not rush to make a scandal – first, you need to find out everything about the situation. What was the motivation of the person who appropriated your merits?

The reasons may be different – someone assigns someone else’s out of selfish or unfriendly motives. And some do it because they feel that they are not valued at work. In the latter case, it is better to talk with the person and find out how he can achieve the desired recognition. One way or another, you need to understand the reason for this behavior – it will allow you to understand what tone to choose to solve the problem.

Unexpected downtime

You are going on an urgent business trip, but due to problems at the airport, you have to linger. You are waiting for your flight, and the work is worth it, and it is annoying.

Try to use this simple one to good use. Make a to-do list, clean your contact list, or look for information about new potential customers. In general, get ready that sometimes such downtime can occur – download your favorite podcasts or audiobooks in advance in case you have to stand in traffic or stay at the airport.

Explosive colleague or boss

If you work with a hot-tempered or emotional person, then the office may resemble a minefield.

The best option would be to pause before responding to an emotional surge in a colleague. Answer as calmly as possible so as not to add oil to the fire. A pause before the answer allows you to collect your thoughts and understand that the person fell on you not because you are doing your job poorly, but rather because of some personal problems.

Broken Deadlines

They are inevitable. Someone from your team did not meet the deadline, and this delayed the release of the entire project. When people do not fulfill their duties, it infuriates, but you need to figure out why this happened.

Perhaps a person lacks self-organization. Or, most likely, something prevents him from completing the work on time – for example, lack of skills. In this case, you need to help him. It may be that a person is simply not suitable for his role and it is better to assign him to another position in the team.

You are prevented from working productively

When you are surrounded by lovers of chatting or hold a meaningless meeting, it seems that it is impossible to do at least something for work. Unfortunately, if you shout, “Let me work!”, They will look at you askance. It’s better to turn off all notifications and show that you are busy.

If you have an office with a door, then close it. If you work in an open-type office, you have to show that you have no time for conversations, in other ways. Put on your headphones or earplugs, hang a sign that you are busy with an important project, or go to an office where you can retire if there is one in your company.

It is nice to let off steam in an unpleasant situation – in the end, you will feel relief. But it does not last long. It is better to pause and come up with a rational answer that can remove not only irritation but also its source.