Planning Manager

Planning Manager – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Planning Manager – Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The job holder will be responsible for maximising sales and profitability in the business by providing effective merchandise strategies, planning and in season management of assortments and inventory level for Concept.

 Merchandise Financial, Strategic and Assortment Planning

·   Maximise Sales and profitability for the Concept

Planning Manager – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

·   Determine high-level financial goals including pre-season financial plans, in-season projections, open-to-buy management and new store budgets

·   Prepare and monitor Concept merchandise MIS analytics based on actual sales, sales forecasts, company order parameters, inventory checks, forth coming events, replenishment needs etc

·   Ensure creation of merchandise plans for all department/category based on insights gained from merchandise analytics, customer preference, historical trends and future outlook projected by the buyer

·   Discuss, decide and freeze the concept merchandise strategic plans around the following factors:

Planning Manager o Financials

Sales,Stock, OTB, Margins, Forward Cover etc


Subgroub level Sales, Order Quantity, Allocation, Replenishment etc


Planning Manager. Style, Price, Brand, Supplier etc

·   Communicate the merchandise strategic plan to buying team for necessary execution

·   Ensure effective in season management across territories (stock balancing, markdown management,stock analysis, stock vs sales performance)

·   Review the merchandise plans on a periodic basis to ensure profit is maximized and maintained to reach target levels

·   Ensure that the standards of Merchandise procedures and Methodologies are maintained and kept uniform

·   Keep abreast of the latest trends affecting Merchandise Planning as well as business environment & product trends. Discuss the same with the Buying team from time to time to assess alignment / realignment of existing processes.

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Planning Manager. Inventory Stock Optimization

·   Ensure optimum inventory levels are maintained at Concept/Territory keeping in mind store requirements as well as working capital constraints

·   Ensure that no instances of stock outs occur on account of any discrepancy on part of merchandise planning

·   Ensure excess inventory is not maintained at the warehouses or the stores and there is proper adherence to the concept/territory ageing policy.

Category Promotions

Planning Manager

·   Provide inputs on the expected margins, possible price points and other parameters for promotions within the product category

·   Analyse the effectiveness of the promotions in achieving the targeted levels of sales and margins

·   Analyse the existing stock levels and liaise with the Marketing/VM/Buying/ Retail team for timely roll out of promotional campaigns to maintain the territory / warehouse inventory holding norms as well to achieve targeted sales.

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Planning Manager. In season Management

·    Ensure effective in season management through regular analysis and action planning across concept and territory based on the performance around the following anchors

o  Sales vs Stock

o  Inflows/OTB

o  Stock analysis

o  Stock balancing

o  Margin analysis

o  Promotional activity

·   Communicate and facilitate action to be taken on out of line situations with Territory Managers

·   Visit territories and stores to be abreast with product performance and trends

·   Monitor, Manage and Improvise Planning MIS

·   Ensure adequate merchandise performance

Planning Manager. People Management

·   Manage and support team recruitment

·   Monitor team development and facilitate complaint resolution

·   Set KRA’s for direct reports and conduct performance appraisal

·   Oversee team deployment and drive motivation levels of the direct reportees

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Mid-Senior level


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