> 5 Recruitment Errors To Avoid. View From The Top Manager

5 Recruitment Errors to Avoid. View from the Top Manager

Recruitment Errors
Recruitment Errors: How to fail a meeting with a potential candidate. Classic errors Executive Search.

Recruiters go to various tricks to get the right candidate. Whereas the TOPs in the current situation try not to experiment and prefer to sit out in a comfortable and understandable atmosphere.

Therefore, in negotiations with similar candidates for the recruiter, even the smallest mistake is equal to failure – there is no right to make a mistake. I conducted a study in which I talked with colleagues who had experience communicating with executive recruiters. Based on the results, I formed a rating of those errors that TOP managers pay attention to and which headhunting experts often forget about for some reason.

Recruitment Errors to Avoid


Strange as it may seem, so often declaring this item as one of the most important, recruiters themselves often forget that for the TOP manager, time is one of the most important and resources. Being in the schedule has already become a habit, and even the slightest deviation from it immediately attracts attention. Perhaps the most serious disrespect when working with the TOP manager is just to forget about time.


Text proofing, attention to detail, when each word has its own meaning – these are the daily realities of any TOP manager. Therefore, the recruiter’s inattention to spelling just immediately catches the eye and immediately forms the TOP manager’s not the best impression.

Preliminary preparation for the meeting.

Surprisingly, there are still recruiters who are not preparing to meet with the candidate. Or they are based on resumes taken from open sources and profile data on social networks. This is annoying and indicates the level of interest of the recruiter. Practice shows that in such cases, a preliminary meeting with the candidate becomes the last. Be sure to read the news, do not be lazy and make inquiries in news aggregators, read copyright articles, and watch your candidate’s interview. Evaluate the condition of the companies in which he worked for the past 5-7 years. Keep up to date with the current situation of the industry in which it is currently involved.

Willingness to answer candidate questions.

It can be called a professional deformation, but the TOP manager expects that he will receive prompt answers to his questions. Be prepared for this and it is immediately before the start of the conversation to determine which topics you can identify, which will take time and why. Thus, you show that your level corresponds to the level of a top manager and you can communicate on equal terms.

Communicate with equals, another fad TOPs.

And again, it all comes down to the value of time. Every minute of the TOP manager is evaluated by its shareholders and is rated very highly. Therefore, it is already a habit for TOP managers to communicate with those who make the decision.

A professional can always be recognized by his questions.

Of course, the TOP manager will not evaluate the professional qualities of the opponent, but he will definitely tire of answering the banal and already battered questions. Moreover, TOP itself holds final meetings when hiring key employees, so starting a conversation with the question: “Tell us a little about yourself” or “What do you want to become in 10 years”, you can finish it quickly and unexpectedly for yourself.


All TOPs are spoiled by the level of materials provided. Therefore, do not try to surprise him, be concise. Your presentation should be no less than and no more than 4-5 sheets. And despite the fact that almost all directors are visuals, let’s get the maximum of facts and figures. And don’t even think about doing copy-paste of information water from the company’s website.

Do not sell!

Get involved and interested. Any manager has a strong immunity to sales. A desire wakes up right away to work out all the arguments of the seller and a friendly meeting will change the format to ordinary dry negotiations. In such an atmosphere, it will be difficult to arouse genuine interest from the candidate.

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