Remote Jobs at Microsoft

Fully Remote Jobs at Microsoft You Can Apply for in 2024

Remote Jobs at Microsoft: In the ever-evolving landscape of employment perks, remote work continues to reign supreme, and Microsoft is at the forefront of embracing this trend. With the tech giant allowing its employees to work from home 50% of the time, the company is actively seeking applications from individuals eager to join its workforce on a fully remote basis.

Explore Exclusive Fully Remote Job Opportunities at Microsoft in 2024

If you aspire to enjoy the perks of a Microsoft career without the hassle of a daily commute, we’ve compiled a list of recently advertised fully remote positions available for application this month. Whether you’re a seasoned software engineer or an IT support specialist, seize the opportunity to get ahead of the competition with these newly available roles.

Microsoft’s recent hiring spree indicates a potential slowdown in the layoff wave that characterized the employment landscape in 2022 and 2023. Presently, the Washington-based company is advertising a total of 3,196 roles globally, with 1,844 being hybrid positions and 937 being fully remote opportunities.

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Microsoft continues to introduce new roles on a weekly basis. Below, we highlight the fully remote job openings published this month, categorized by profession.

Remote Jobs at Microsoft: Software Engineering Openings

1. Senior Computer Architect (Hillsboro, Oregon)
2. Senior Software Engineer (Redmond, Washington)
3. Principal Software Engineer (Redmond, Washington)
4. Software Engineer 2 (Atlanta, Georgia)
5. UX Engineer II (Multiple locations, including the United States)
6. Principal UX Engineer (Multiple locations, including the United States)

Technical Support Openings

1. Senior Technical Support Engineer, Data (Multiple locations, including the United States)
2. Senior Technical Support Engineer, Platform (Multiple locations, including the United States)
3. Critical Situation Escalation Manager (Multiple locations, including the United States)
4. Technical Support Engineer (Multiple locations, including the United States)

**Program Management Openings:**

1. Senior Technical Program Manager (Redmond, Washington)
2. Principal Technical Program Manager (Redmond, Washington)
3. Senior Program Manager (Multiple locations, including the United States)

Actuarial, Property and Casualty, Associate Canada
Administrative Services, Administrative Assistant Canada
Advisory, Acceleration Centre, Cyber Security Analyst (Remote) Canada
AML Programme Compliance, Senior Manager Canada

**Product Management Openings:**

1. Senior Product Manager (Redmond, Washington)
2. Senior Product Manager, Microsoft Defender (Redmond, Washington)
3. Senior Product Manager, Security Platform (Redmond, Washington)

If none of these roles align with your aspirations, don’t fret. Microsoft’s careers page features hundreds more remote opportunities catering to candidates with varying levels of experience. For senior professionals aiming to elevate their careers, we recommend exploring our regularly updated guide to Microsoft vacancies offering salaries of $100k and above.

Discovering the Microsoft Work Experience

A career at Microsoft is a pinnacle achievement for those in the tech industry. Although it may not boast colorful bean bags and multi-story slides like some of its counterparts, Microsoft is renowned for its ultra-competitive work environment, emphasizing a people-focused approach and a commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Employee feedback on platforms like Glassdoor reinforces this reputation. A remarkable 91% of Microsoft workers approve of CEO Satya Nadella, and an impressive 86% would recommend the company to a friend. These numbers surpass those of other tech giants such as Apple (81%) and Uber (72%).

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However, a side-by-side salary comparison on Glassdoor indicates that Microsoft’s earning potential is slightly more restrained than that of major competitors. The average salary for a software engineer at Microsoft is $151,675, compared to $181,989 at Apple.

If Apple’s competitive pay catches your eye, explore some fully remote job opportunities that Apple is currently hiring for.

Don’t Give Up on Your Dream Job

If you don’t find the perfect match on this list, remain optimistic. Microsoft isn’t the sole gateway to advancing your career from the comfort of your home.

If you’re content with your current job but dissatisfied with its rigid working policies, consider proposing a remote work arrangement to your employer. This may seem daunting initially, but it’s worth exploring, especially if you envision a long-term future with your company.

Apply Also 👉 Jobs in Thailand for foreigners in 2023 With Thai Work VISA 

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As with anything in the remote job market, opportunities abound for those who know where to look. Before resigning yourself to lengthy commutes and expensive office lunches, peruse our guide to current vacancies at prominent tech companies and beyond.

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