Work and Travel USA

Work and Travel USA: What to do and How in 2023

Work and Travel USA: Getting to the US in 2023 has become difficult. First there were coronavirus restrictions, and now the situation in the world does not allow traveling freely.

In 2022, the staff of the US Commission in Russia has sharply decreased, because of this, visas are issued rarely and reluctantly.

To pass an interview at the embassy, ​​you need to go to a neighboring country that allows foreign citizens to apply for a visa. For example, in Kazakhstan, the queue for an interview has already been scheduled for more than a year, and this complicates the process of obtaining a visa.

Also, due to sanctions, there is no direct flight between Russia and the United States, so you will have to fly through Turkey, the UAE, Armenia or other countries. Due to the large number of transfers, not only the flight time has increased – about 25 hours, but also the cost of tickets – from 60,000 rubles one way.

What is Work and Travel USA

Work and Travel is an international student exchange and work program for students in the USA, which lasts 4 months (from May to September).

Who among us did not want to drive 50 states by car, as in Kerouac’s novel, and see the Grand Canyon with our own eyes? Curious students can apply to participate and fulfill their dream.

However, travel is only a month of the entire program, the rest of the time you will need to work. Usually, international students work as waiters, kitchen assistants, cashiers, maids and lifeguards in the pool or lake.

For such work they pay from $ 9 to $ 15 per hour. This money can be set aside for a trip, or you can enjoy city life.

In addition to impressions from the USA, new acquaintances and good earnings, you can also improve your language well. After all, it is best to learn a foreign language among native speakers, and where else can you find so many English speakers, if not in America?

Terms of participation in the program

Today, more and more refusals come precisely to Russian students: the university, age, language level and other conditions are not suitable.

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Let’s analyze who can apply for Work and Travel and expect a positive result.

Potential participant:

  • 1-3 year student of the full-time department of the university
  • 18 to 23 years old at the time of departure to the USA
  • English Intermediate level

Participants who meet all the criteria can usually qualify for participation. However, even such candidates may be rejected, it depends on the individual requirements for the university and the country.

Application documents:

  1. Program participant questionnaire
  2. Resume and photo with a smile 3.5×4.5
  3. Certificate from the university in English
  4. International passport

The cost of the Work and Travel USA program

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  • Agency registration fee – the amount depends on the agency you contact to register the application – from 20,100 rubles.
  • Job Offer – about $250
  • The cost of the program is $2050
  • Consular fee of the US Embassy – $ 160
  • Program participant fee – $35
  • Air tickets – from 120,000 rubles

The first salary will be two weeks after the start of work. Therefore, it is necessary to stock up on cash for the first time (agencies advise taking about $ 1,000).

Basic spending in America

The program provides only a quick visa and job application, the rest will have to be done and paid for by yourself.

Be prepared for the fact that during the program you will need to rent an apartment and pay for it from your future salary, as well as buy food and spend money on entertainment yourself.

  • A motel room costs about $75 a week, $900 for three months.
  • Also, don’t forget about a local sim card, which will cost about $30.

If you find yourself in a big city, you will also have to spend money on transport.

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You can use public transport – from $ 1.8 to $ 3 per trip, a taxi – $ 10-15 (depending on distance), and for a small town a bicycle is suitable – you can buy it for $ 100.

In three months it will not be possible to earn a lot in America, but it is a great experience, new impressions and acquaintances. You can get a second job to increase your income, but then you will not be able to rest and, most likely, will hate this trip.

A few tips:

  • It is better to apply in September-October. The sooner you get an answer, the greater the chance of getting a well-paid job.
  • you need to decide in advance: will you go to travel after the program or will you return home
  • self-searching through Craigslist
  • Through Couchsurfing you can save on accommodation while traveling.
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