YASREF Careers in Yanbu-Saudi Arabia

YASREF Careers in Yanbu-Saudi Arabia: Oil & Gas Jobs

YASREF Careers in Yanbu-Saudi Arabia. Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company Ltd., a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and China Petrochemical Corporation ( Sinopec). A world-class, full-conversion refinery that covers about 5.2 million square meters in the Yanbu Industrial City, and is considered to be a key anchor project for the future of Yanbu. YASREF Careers in Yanbu-Saudi Arabia

YASREF Jobs in Yanbu. YASREF will use 400,000 barrels per day (bpd) of Arabian heavy crude oil to produce premium transportation fuels, as well as high-value refined products for both international and domestic markets. It is scheduled to be operational in Q3 2014. YASREF Jobs in Yanbu

YASREF Oil Gas Jobs

YASREF signifies the impressive downstream portfolio added to Saudi Aramco, yet building and cementing on the strategic partnership with Sinopec – Saudi Aramco’s largest crude oil partner and buyer – Both companies bring commercial and technical expertise to the joint venture to enhance trade of transportation fuels between a significant energy producer and its consumer. YASREF Oil Gas Jobs

  • Company Name: YASREF (Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company)
  • Job Location: Saudi Arabia
  • Nationality: All Nationalities can Apply
  • Education: Diploma/Degree
  • Experience: Experienced are preferred
  • Salary Range: To be discussed

YASREF Careers in Yanbu-Saudi Arabia

YASREF was registered in January 2012 with the single purpose to establish, operate, and manage a full conversion-refining complex. YASREF possesses the location advantage to effectively and efficiently supply both international and domestic markets. The products include 90,000 bpd of gasoline, 263,000 bpd of ultra-low sulfur diesel, 6,200 metric tons per day (mtd) of petcoke, 1,200 (mtd) of sulfur, and 140,000 tons per year of benzene. YASREF Careers in Yanbu-Saudi Arabia

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Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company (YASREF) is a significant joint venture between Saudi Aramco and China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec). Located in Yanbu, a major industrial city on the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia, YASREF is a state-of-the-art facility that plays a crucial role in the global oil and petrochemical industries.

HR ANALYST Saudi Arabia
Relations Analyst Saudi Arabia

In addition, YASREF represents a continuing step forward in the strategies of Saudi Aramco and Sinopec to drive growth further downstream to capture additional value along the hydrocarbon chain. YASREF will process Arabian Heavy crude oil into high-quality refined products that could include future production of Paraxylene and products to support downstream industries. YASREF Careers in Yanbu-Saudi Arabi

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YASREF, operational since January 2015, is a full-conversion refinery with the capacity to process approximately 400,000 barrels per day (bpd) of Arabian heavy crude oil. The refinery is designed to maximize the production of high-value products such as gasoline, diesel, and benzene, while also producing other valuable by-products. The facility incorporates advanced technology and processes to ensure high efficiency and environmental sustainability. YASREF Careers in Yanbu-Saudi Arabia

IT Systems Analyst Saudi Arabia
T&D Counsellor I Saudi Arabia
Accounting Analyst II Saudi Arabia
Accounting Analyst II Saudi Arabia

Strategic Importance

The establishment of YASREF is part of Saudi Arabia’s broader strategy to diversify its economy and enhance its downstream capabilities. By refining crude oil locally, the Kingdom aims to capture more value from its natural resources and reduce its reliance on raw crude exports. YASREF’s products cater to both domestic needs and international markets, thereby contributing to the country’s economic stability and growth. YASREF Careers in Yanbu-Saudi Arabia

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For Sinopec, the partnership aligns with China’s strategy to secure stable energy supplies and strengthen its presence in the Middle Eastern energy sector. The collaboration with Saudi Aramco also facilitates the transfer of technology and expertise, benefiting both companies. YASREF Careers in Yanbu-Saudi Arabia

Economic and Social Impact

YASREF has a significant economic impact on the Yanbu region and the wider Saudi economy. The refinery has created numerous job opportunities, both directly and indirectly, supporting local employment and contributing to the development of the region’s infrastructure. The company emphasizes training and development for its workforce, ensuring that employees are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge. YASREF Careers in Yanbu-Saudi Arabia

Additionally, YASREF is committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development. The company undertakes various initiatives aimed at improving environmental performance, such as reducing emissions and optimizing water and energy use. It also engages in community development programs, focusing on education, health, and social welfare. YASREF Careers in Yanbu-Saudi Arabia

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Technological Innovation and Environmental Stewardship

YASREF employs advanced technologies to enhance operational efficiency and minimize environmental impact. The refinery uses state-of-the-art processes to convert heavy crude into cleaner products, adhering to stringent environmental standards. Continuous monitoring and improvement of processes ensure that the refinery operates with a focus on sustainability. YASREF Careers in Yanbu-Saudi Arabia

The company also invests in research and development to innovate and improve refining techniques. This commitment to technological advancement positions YASREF as a leader in the industry, capable of adapting to changing market dynamics and regulatory requirements. YASREF Careers in Yanbu-Saudi Arabia

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, YASREF is poised to play an increasingly vital role in the global energy landscape. As demand for refined products grows, especially in emerging markets, YASREF’s strategic location and advanced capabilities will be significant assets. The company is likely to continue expanding its operations and exploring new opportunities for growth and diversification. YASREF Careers in Yanbu-Saudi Arabia

In conclusion, YASREF represents a successful partnership between two energy giants, leveraging their combined expertise to create a world-class refining operation. Through its commitment to excellence, sustainability, and community development, YASREF not only contributes to the economic and social fabric of Saudi Arabia but also reinforces its position as a key player in the global energy market. YASREF Careers in Yanbu-Saudi Arabia

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How to Apply for YASREF Careers in Yanbu-Saudi Arabia?

YASREF Careers in Yanbu-Saudi Arabia. If you want to grow with YASREF, the best way to apply for a job vacancy to submit an online job application. There, you need to set up your personal job profile on YASREF, official website and you will be able to apply directly for any job vacancy announced for hiring. YASREF Careers in Yanbu-Saudi Arabia

You can explore all the available positions through their user-friendly job search feature. So just follow the steps below to submit a job application online:

  • Click on the “Apply Now link provided with each YASREF, job title. [you will be landed on YASREF careers portal] YASREF Oil Gas Jobs
  • There you have to create your job profile [if you have already created YASREF, careers login ID then login to your job profile using that credentials]
  • Click on Apply  button
  • Upload your updated resume or CV
  • Click on “Submit Job Application”

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