Aramark Careers

Aramark Careers: New Job Vacancies and Openings 2020

Aramark Careers: Job seekers can send in their Aramark application for a chance to work for one of the most successful food services and catering providers in America.
The company specializes in providing facilities, food, and uniform services to healthcare, education, business, sports, industry, corrections, and leisure companies.

Aramark Careers: New Job Vacancies and Openings 2020

The company currently owns as many as 216,000 employees and is one of the most trusted American employers. If you are interested in starting an Aramark career, this guide will help you fill out the Aramark application.

Minimum Age for Employment at Aramark

According to the Aramark hiring policy, all candidates for employment must be at least 18 years old to be considered eligible. Please note that younger applicants will be immediately excluded from the employment process.

Aramark Employment Opportunities

Job seekers can explore the Aramark job application portal to find the positions that are best suited for their professional and academic background. Here are the main career areas available at the company:

Aramark Application Process

The Aramark application process is conducted on the company’s online employment portal.  The portal can be access at Job seekers can find the complete list of Aramark job openings so that they can find the ideal position for their professional and academic background. You can make the job search process easier, by selecting your location, prefered position and level of experience. This will help you sort through the dozens of Aramark job openings

When you find a job opening you like, you can fill in the online Aramark job application form. You can apply for multiple Aramark job openings in one session.

We will provide job seekers with a detailed description of the Aramark application form so that they know what type of information they will be asked to include in their jobs and employment forms.

How to properly describe your achievements in your resume


This is the first section of the Aramark application form. Candidates are required to attach their resumes either by uploading them from their computers, or via Dropbox or Google Drive. Please note that this is one of the mandatory sections of the form.

Enter Your Information

For this section of the Aramark application form, candidates are required to provide their contact information. They will have to include their complete addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses so that the Human Resources specialist can then contact them about the following steps of the hiring process.

Work History

This section of the Aramark application form refers to the professional experience of the candidates. They are required to provide detailed information about the most important positions they have had throughout their careers. Please note that this section is mandatory.

Highest Level of Education Completed

For this section of the Aramark application form, candidates will be asked to provide information about the highest level of education they have completed. They will be asked to mention the name and the address of the institution they have attended and the degree they have earned upon completing the program.

Applicant Signature

For this section of the Aramark application form, candidates are required to go through the company’s privacy statement. They will also be asked to include their electronic signature to validate the document.

EEO Questionnaire

For this section of the Aramark application form, candidates will be asked to provide information about their race, gender, and ethnicity. Please note that they will have to select an answer for each question featured here, but they are not obligated to disclose any information they do not wish to.

Pre-Employment Questionnaire

This section of the Aramark application form includes a pre-employment questionnaire. This is meant to verify that each candidate is able to comply with the employment eligibility criteria enforced by the company. Please note that candidates are required to answer all of the questions featured here to be able to proceed to the following sections of the form.

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Self-Identification Questionnaire

For this section of the Aramark application form, candidates will be asked to disclose their veteran status. As for the EEO section, they will have to choose one of the provided answers, but they are not obligated to disclose any information they are not comfortable sharing.


After completing the self-identification section of the Aramark application form, candidates may submit their forms to the Human Resources department for formal assessment. They will be able to keep track of their application status on the employment portal.

Aramark Careers

Job seekers can find the complete list of Aramark job openings on the company’s online employment portal. They will have to send in their online employment applications to be considered for their chosen positions. Below is a brief list of the most popular Aramark jobs. Each position comes with a brief description. For a complete list of Aramark job requirements and duties, visit

Cashier – Job Description and Duties

Cashiers are required to conduct customer transactions quickly and efficiently. They will address customers in a polite manner to provide them with the best possible customer experience.Aramark Careers

Cashier – Salary and Compensation

Aramark salaries for cashiers begin at minimum wage and can get as high as $13.00/hour for experienced employees. This is an entry-level career and the company provides the best employees with opportunities for professional advancement.

Aramark Careers in Management

Candidates aiming for Aramark careers in management will find the updated list of Aramark job opportunities on the online portal. They can apply for the positions that are in line with their academic and professional background by submitting their online applications forms.Aramark Careers

Chef Manager – Job Description and Duties

Chef Managers supervise food production and kitchen activity. They create and develop the menus and coordinate the planning process. They will also interact with the customers and clients on a daily basis to make sure that they are fully satisfied. Chef managers are also in charge of scheduling, staffing, as well as training new kitchen employees.

Chef Manager – Salary and Compensation

Aramark salaries for chef managers range from $40,000 per year to as much as $66,000 per year for experienced employees. They are also eligible for a generous benefits package.

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Benefits at Aramark

The Aramark benefits packs are meant to make employees feel appreciated for the effort and dedication they put in every day at the company. Here are only some of the Aramark employee benefits that are currently available:

  • Healthcare Aramark Benefits: Medical Plan, Dental Plan, Vision Plan, and Paid Prescription Plan.
  • Financial Aramark Employee Benefits: 401(k) Plan, Flexible Spending Account, Competitive Aramark Salaries.
  • Special Aramark Benefits: Aramark Employee Discount Programs, Aramark Employee Assistance Program, Education & Tuition Reimbursement Plans.

Basic Aramark Application Tips

Candidates should expect to spend 15-20 minutes filling out the Aramark application form, provided that they have access to the updated version of their resumes. Please note that the portal requires them to include their CVs in their online employment forms.

The rest of the sections in the form are well targeted and candidates will be asked to provide concise information about their main professional abilities. The vast majority of sections are mandatory, so candidates will have to go through each field to be allowed to submit their forms.Aramark Careers

Advanced Aramark Application Tips

It is very important that candidates proofread their forms as they fill them out because the Aramark application form does not feature a review section. They should make sure that there are no spelling and grammar mistakes because these would present them as unprofessional.

Aramark Hiring Process Information

All the Aramark applications will be reviewed by the Human Resources specialists. They will select the strongest applicants and contact them to schedule interviews. The number of job meetings that they will be asked to sit through depends on the specific career level and department they have chosen.Aramark Careers

Aramark Interview Tips

Candidates preparing for their interviews at Aramark should do some very thorough research before they attend their job meeting. Not only should they learn as much as possible about the company and the main services it offers, but they should also research the type of location that is connected to their chosen Aramark careers.

Aramark provides food and catering services to schools, hospitals, and a wide range of public and private facilities. As such, the type of client in connection to their chosen Aramark careers is also extremely important.

The Aramark hiring specialists will appreciate candidates who are thoroughly prepared, so job seekers should invest a significant amount of effort in their interview research process.

To take a look at some Aramark interview question examples, as well as suggestions for answers, we recommend our Aramark Interview guide. It will provide additional Aramark interview tips.

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Aramark Contact Information

Aramark Official site:

Customers can go to the Contact Us page to find complete information about the company and the best ways to get into contact with their representatives. The Aramark headquarters can be reached at the following address:  Aramark Corporation, 1101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

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