New iPhone 12

New iPhone 12: Stunning Apple Design Decisions

New iPhone 12: Stunning Apple Design Decisions

We are just days away from Apple’s iPhone 12 launch and, while multiple leaks have revealed both big upgrades and big concerns, there were still plenty of unknowns. Well not anymore, because the most significant iPhone 12 series leak has been saved for last.

Stealing the thunder from others, Weibo leaker Kang (acclaimed for a near perfect track record) has multiple first time details about the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max and all-new iPhone 12 mini. And the headline news is the iPhone 12 Pro Max looks set to put every other iPhone 12 model to shame.

New iPhone 12: Stunning Apple Design Decisions

Breaking from what we had heard up to now, Kang reveals that Apple has decided to give the (6.7-inch) iPhone 12 Pro Max a primary rear camera with a 47% larger sensor than even the iPhone 12 Pro, a 5x optical zoom and “Expanded” ultra-wide capabilities. 

This compares a 4x optical zoom on the (6.1-inch) iPhone 12 Pro (up from 3x on the iPhone 11 Pro models) and it will join the Max in getting a LiDAR sensor (which was in doubt). That said, this is the first time Apple has ever given its larger device a superior primary camera and that is unlikely to go down well with fans of smaller phones. 

And this isn’t the only surprise. Kang confirms multiple upgrades to the entire iPhone 12 line-up which have not been reported before:

  • Upgraded OLED screens called ‘Super Retina XDR Displays’
  • Upgraded scratch and impact resistant glass referred to as a “Ceramic Shield Front Cover”
  • Support for Dolby Vision video recording
  • A ‘Smart Data’ 5G mode which automatically defaults to 4G “according to application bandwidth” to save battery
  • No 5G mmWave support for iPhone 12 models outside the US
  • Apple will reintroduce the ‘MagSafe’ brand for the range’s leaked wireless magnetic charging system

Going further, Kang also reveals each new model’s color options, prices and a fractured release schedule:

While leaks had revealed the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro were likely to launch first, the extent of the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max delays are surprising, and they will be the latest iPhone releases to date. With stock also likely to be limited on arrival, expect a Christmas rush.

But perhaps the biggest takeaway from Kang’s information is, in a year when Apple introduced a fourth iPhone model, it has also effectively created three tiers of iPhone with the iPhone 12 Pro Max clearly elevated above the others.

The good news is Apple has avoided the sizable price hikes of rivals (caused by the high cost of 5G modems), but compromises have been made to achieve this – no EarPods or wall charger, and downgraded batteries  – which are likely to prove controversial.

I’d suggest that for anyone with an iPhone X or newer, 2020 is probably not the year to upgrade your iPhone, but that advice is likely to fall on deaf ears with the jump to 5G expected to fuel a massive jump in sales.