Traveling After Coronavirus

Traveling After Coronavirus: 5 Exciting Travel Tips 2020

Traveling After Coronavirus: It seems that finally, it is time to wipe the suitcases, which looked sadly out of the closet, desperate to fly or go somewhere.

Although quarantine measures have not been canceled, they have already become much more liberal. We already walk in the parks, go shopping. Just a couple of small steps, and under the wing of the plane we will see cities and countries in which we fly towards adventures.

Traveling After Coronavirus

And, while you have not yet decided on the direction, the editors of 5 areas have prepared for you a review of current tourism news. He woke up and was already waiting for his travelers.

Travels after coronavirus: we tell you where you can go first.

Bar Crowl in Montenegro

This picturesque country, washed by the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, yearned for guests and was ready to welcome them with cordiality, generosity and a unique local flavor. Local hotels and restaurants have already prepared safe and comfortable conditions for visitors. 

The permanent bartenders of the hotel, Jovanna Spaić and Luka Mirkovic, prepared live cocktails that are famous for Regent Porto Montenegro. Moreover, the bartenders laid out the recipe for drinks in an open access, inviting everyone, albeit remotely, to feel the summer atmosphere of Montenegrin chillout.  

The hotel’s leading restaurant, Murano, has won international awards for many years in a row and remains the leader in the ranking of Montenegro’s top institutions.

The direct inclusion organized by the hotel pursued two goals at once: to celebrate the International Cocktail Day, which falls on May 13, and also to announce that from May 15, bars, restaurants and other catering establishments will officially open in Montenegro. What is this, if not a reason to start looking for tickets and sorting through the wardrobe, planning an exciting trip to Tivat?

Georgian flavor

If for some reason you can’t get to Montenegro yet, there is another option to look at the equally picturesque mountain landscape. And all this in a welcoming, cozy and authentic Georgia.

Starting July 1, the country will open its doors to foreign tourists, which means that very soon you can wander around old Tbilisi, visit the Narikala fortress and the ancient city of Mtskheta, go to the city of Vardzia on the border with Turkey.

And also admire the Kazbek peak, go down to the caves, and of course, enjoy the spicy, sharp and mouth-watering khinkali, khachapuri and chakhokhbili.

Wine, mountains, the sun and local color – the minimum set of what awaits you on this journey. 

According to Prime Minister Giorgi Gaharia, the Georgian authorities are doing everything possible to ensure that tourists stay in the country is safe. All government departments that are responsible for the development of tourism and related industries promise to prepare the country for the flow of tourists in a month.

Sicilian hospitality

It is said that Sicily, although it is part of Italy, always remains apart and protects traditions and color with zeal and passion. Wildlife, the warm Mediterranean Sea, the temperamental local people and the cuisine that make you rethink your eating habits and sing daily odes of local lasagna, arancini and Sicilian pizza are found here.

In addition, this year, in connection with the crisis, the Sicilian authorities promise to take unprecedented measures to restore the tourist flow. 

It was reported that the authorities of Sicily intend to pay tourists 50% of the cost of air tickets, as well as part of the amount for hotel accommodation.

It is envisaged that the municipality is ready to compensate the guests of the island for half the cost of plane tickets. as well as accommodation for every third day at the hotel. In addition, tourists will be given free tickets to museums and excursions to archaeological sites. Offer vouchers will be available on the Visit Sicily official website.

Sicilian authorities plan to invest about 50 million euros in this program. This is a fairly substantial amount, given that in March and April 2020, the country’s tourism industry lost about 1 billion euros.

And, given that in Italy 13% of GDP falls on tourism, and the country is actively developing ways to restart the tourism industry and phase out quarantine, in particular, it is planned to introduce social distance on beaches.

Maltese soul



Everyone who has visited Malta says that they were impressed with the originality and some isolation of this island nation. They are also fascinated by the atmosphere and comfort of the streets, houses of sunny sand color and the culture that shines through from every gap. 

We are sure that many have a visit to Malta in the wishlist. At the same time, quarantine is a great time to carefully consider the details of the trip and plan a trip to this cradle of education and eclecticism of Arab-Italian culture. As a preparation, for example, you can take advantage of the proposal, which was organized by the association Heritage Malta. Thanks to the association’s efforts, a virtual tour was launched on the Behind Closed Doors: Fort St Angelo and the Royal Navy 1906-1979 exhibition, Behind Closed Doors: Fort Sant’Angelo and the British Navy. 

This exhibition is dedicated to the 40th anniversary of Malta becoming independent of the UK. It was first held at the initiative of Heritage Malta in 2019 and received thousands of praise from visitors.

The central part of the exposition is made up of personal memoirs of former Maltese and British soldiers. These are letters, books, filmed interview films, photographs and memorabilia of those years. The exhibition consists of five thematic zones, each of which is an independent part of the online exhibition.

Following Hans and Gretel

In order to get to know Germany better, you can first go through the quest and get acquainted with the state that the ancient Basques founded.

Moreover, now an adventure game is available to all users of the social network Facebook.

The team of the German national tourist office has developed a chat game for the Facebook German Castle Adventure messenger – “Adventure in a German Castle”. To register in the quest, you need to enter the name German Castle Adventure in the search field of the Facebook messenger. 

Hans and Gretel

Hans and Gretel

The participant begins to interact with the chatbot that accompanies the main character of the online game – the American traveler Nick. A Western tourist, as conceived by the developers, is exploring the German castle Hohenzollern. 

The game, according to the creators, was created not so much for fun as for introducing people to German culture. At the end of the game, each participant can go to the website of the German tourist office and read interesting facts and farewells about traveling around the country.